50 Reasons Why Someone Needs To Seek Help for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

We all know that if you or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the most important and first step you need to take is seek help.  Help from family members, a counselor, or a local drug rehab center must be the #1 priority in life.  Getting clean and sober is a process that takes time and a lot of support.

Although we have listed 50 reasons on why someone needs to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are hundreds of reasons.  In fact, there are thousands of reasons.  Actually, there are millions upon millions of reasons why someone needs to seek help for substance abuse and addiction.

The reasons why are unlimited as the reasons to continue to use and abuse are zero.  Please take a few minutes and read the below.  If you know someone who could use a little push or nudge to get them to realize that they need help, feel free to share this page.

If you can think of any other reasons why someone should seek help for their drug or alcohol addiction, please post your comment below.

50 Reasons Why Someone Needs To Seek Help for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

  • True healing from addiction can break the family cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. Many times young people start on drugs and alcohol because a family member uses it. If a young person does not see a family member using drugs or alcohol they are less likely to begin using it themselves.
  • Reduction in family tension. Many fights and arguments in a family stem from drug and alcohol addiction when someone in the family has the addiction.
  • Prolong one’s life. Drugs and alcohol poison the body and can account for approximately 50,000 deaths a year.
  • Spare the lives of other innocent people. People who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol kill another 40,000-50,000 via motor vehicle accidents, homicides, shootings, etc.
  • Regain control of your life. Drug and alcohol consumption changes who you are and what you do or don’t do. By being off of its influence you can get back to your real life and get back to activities that made you happy.
  • Restore trust in close friends and family. When one is addicted to drugs and alcohol they will do anything to get the money they need to buy the substance, including stealing and lying, which breaks trust in friends and family.
  • Overcome depression and anger issues. Drugs and alcohol affect you mentally and emotionally in a negative way causing mood swings, anger and depression.
  • Healthy Weight: Drugs and alcohol can cause weight loss or gain. A can of beer has about 150 calories and when consumed in high quantities it can cause weight gain. Drugs tend to reduce a person’s appetite causing them to lose weight.
  • Increase your immunity to common illnesses. Drugs and alcohol weaken your immune system causing you to be more susceptible to infections.
  • Reduce your chances of cancer. “Two-4% of all cancer cases are related to alcohol. Upper digestive tract cancers are the most common, hitting the esophagus, mouth, larynx, and pharynx. Women who drink prior to menopause are more likely to develop breast cancer. Your risk of skin cancer doubles if you drink slightly more than “moderate levels.” Some studies implicate alcohol in colon, stomach, pancreas and lung cancer.” (http://www.med.unc.edu/alcohol/prevention/health.html)
  • Lower your risk of liver disease. A person’s liver can only handle about 1 beer in an hour so heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to many different liver diseases such as cirrhoses and cancer.
  • Increase your life span. Alcoholism can shorten one’s life by up to 10 years if it is not overcome.
  • Avoid contracting diseases. Diseases such as hepatitis b or c and HIV can be contracted from sharing needles when injecting certain drugs.
  • Reduce the risk of heart attacks. Users of some drugs can stop breathing and have fatal heart attacks. Even just one use of cocaine can kill you.
  • Restore relationship with children. Children cannot have a good healthy relationship with a parent who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Better financial situation. Not only are drugs and alcohol expensive but they take over your life and can cause you to lose your job sending you into a very bad financial state.
  • Regain friendships. Those under drug and alcohol influence tend to isolate themselves or hang out with negative influences. By removing these substances from one’s life they can regain old friends and new positive friends.
  • Remember what happened the day, week, month, year before. Many drug addicts experience black outs or periods of time that they cannot remember events that occurred while they were under the influence of the drug.
  • Work out the real issues in one’s life. Many times people turn to drugs or alcohol to cover up emotional and physical pain. This may give them a temporary relief from the issue but it will only cause more pain in their lives. Getting help to overcome the addiction will then open the door to heal the original emotional and physical pain that is in their life.
  • Finish school. Many drug and alcohol addicts start while they are in high school and end up dropping out. Getting out from control of the substance frees up a person to finish important achievements such as a high school diploma.
  • Regain a professional status. Someone who once was a vital part of a company may find themselves always late to work, unable to get their work done or not done properly after the drug or alcohol addiction sets in but when they overcome the addiction they can get back to a good standing in a company.
  • Stop negative effects on women’s reproductive functions. Prolonged heavy drinking results in reproductive abnormalities such as decreased ovarian mass, irregular menstrual cycle and early menopause.
  • Have healthy babies. Pregnant women who consume large amounts of alcohol while pregnant will cause fetal alcohol syndrome in their babies.
  • Reduce the rate of divorce. Many married couples find themselves doing through divorce due to a spouse’s drug or alcohol addiction. If more addicts got help the divorce rate would decrease.
  • Return to a regular sleep routine. Insomnia or over sleeping are results of drug or alcohol addiction. Lack of sleep or too much sleep cause mental and emotional problems that adds to the substance addiction. Proper amount of sleep gives a person a good sense of self.
  • Stop physical abuse of loved ones. Heavy drug or alcohol use effects many people negatively making them lash out against loved ones. Also, people are not in control of their actions when under the influence of drugs or alcohol making it “easier” to abuse others without remorse.
  • Free from legal problems. Many things associated with drug and alcohol usage are illegal therefore being free from drugs and alcohol one will be free from legal issues.
  • Lower the risk of osteoporosis, especially for women. Consumption of alcohol, even just 2-3 ounces a day, increases the risk of having osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the loss or lack of calcium in a person’s body. Alcohol keeps the stomach from absorbing calcium and it “interferes with the pancreas and its absorption of calcium and vitamin D” giving bones less calcium to stay strong in a person’s later years. (http://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/features/alcohol)
  • Lower blood pressure. Excessive drinking of alcohol has been shown to increase a person’s blood pressure. For someone who already has high blood pressure this could become a very serious issue.
  • Find peace in your life. Drugs and alcohol cause all kinds of turmoil in a person’s life both inwardly and outwardly with others. Through detox and rehab you will lose the inner devil, drugs and alcohol, and come to terms with who you are and what makes you fulfilled.
  • Stop reduction in brain size. Alcohol addiction affects the brain physically in that it reduces the size the person’s brain and increases the size of the ventricles. An addict can allow their brain to return to its normal size and state by removing alcohol from their system and lifestyle.
  • Regain normal vitamin b-1 levels. The digestive system of alcoholics is unable to absorb vitamin b-1 causing disorders that are characterized by impaired memory, confusion, amnesia, and disorientation. By detoxing a person can regain normal levels of this vitamin and therefore regain normal brain functioning.
  • Reduce behavioral problems in children. Children suffer a range of problems including behavioral problems due to a parent living at home with a drug or alcohol addiction. They may not understanding what is going on with the parent and therefore don’t know how to express what they are feeling and dealing with so they act out in negative ways or withdrawal from school and friends.
  • Become a better parent. Drug or alcohol addiction consumes a person’s life therefore children get pushed out, they are not given the time and attention they need and are often physically or emotionally abused.
  • Help your children do better in school. Children who come from homes in which a parent has a drug or alcohol addiction often do poorly in school because they cannot concentrate solely on the schoolwork. They are thinking about and worried about their parent. If a child feels safe and secure with their parents they do not need to worry about their home life and can focus on school therefore perform better at school.
  • Give your child back their childhood. Many times a child has to take on responsibilities that a parent normally would do such as cooking, laundry, caring for younger siblings, etc when the parent is consumed with their drug or alcohol addiction. When the parent is clean their child can act like the child and not the parent.
  • Avoid alcohol dementia. Long-term excessive drinking causes brain damage and can result in alcohol dementia or permanent loss of memory.
  • Raised self-esteem. Those who have drug or alcohol addiction tend to have depression and low self-esteem. Getting away from the influence of these addictions and into a positive environment gives one a greater sense of self worth.
  • Learn new skills. Because one has a greater sense of self worth when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol they are confident to try new things and learn new skills. They are able to take classes, read books and discuss topics with educated people.
  • Learn life skills. Going through a rehabilitation program will not only remove the drugs or alcohol from your system but it will help you learn how to deal with life situations better in general. The same skills one learns to help overcome the addiction are the ones they’ll be able to apply toward stressful or sad life situations.
  • Be a contributor to society. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol they become a drain on society.
  • Be able to help others. It’s always easier to help someone through a problem if you have had the same problem and have overcome it. By getting help and coming clean with the addiction a person can pull someone else out of the same unhealthy habit.
  • Avoid losing your children. Many addicts lose their children because they cannot adequately care for them.
  • Become a stronger person. Overcoming something as powerful as a drug or alcohol addiction takes a lot of strength and determination. Once a person climbs that mountain they can know that they can do anything else they set their mind to accomplish and overcome anything else that might come into their lives.
  • Become a positive remodel to those around you. Whether people know it or not someone is always watching what others do especially little children. If people see someone drinking or doing drugs they may look to that person as being cool and want to follow in their footsteps.
  • No more hallucinations. Drugs make a person hallucinate and become paranoid about everything around them and in their life.
  • Age more gracefully. Prolonged drug addiction can change a person’s physical appearance causing early signs of aging.
  • Someone who has a drug or alcohol addiction should seek help because drugs and too much alcohol are just plain bad! Nothing good can come from doing drugs or abusing alcohol and everything bad can come from even doing them once!

Do you have any reasons why someone needs to seek help to overcome their alcohol or drug addiction?  Please post your reasons below:

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