Drug Rehab Northern California Centers Guide

Northern California is home to many excellent drug rehab facilities. According to drug abuse statistics, approximately 3.5 million individuals in California abuse some type of illegal drug. These drug-addicted individuals need the sort of help that can be provided by a drug rehab Northern California center in overcoming their addiction and achieving a clean and sober lifestyle. Following is a guide to some of the drug rehab Northern California centers.

The Narconon program is located in Vista Bay, California and is a nationwide program with over 40 years of experience treating drug-addicted individuals. It claims a 76% success rate and is endorsed by Kirstie Alley. There is no fixed time limit to the program, but typically it takes between three to six months to complete. There is a fixed cost to the program regardless of how long it takes to complete. In the program, medications are not used to help the patient withdraw from other drugs. If you feel you may need medication in order to help you stop abusing illegal drugs, Narconon may not be the drug rehab Northern California facility for you.

Other Drug Rehab Centers In Northern California

Drug Rehab Centers In Northern CaliforniaThe Camp is a drug rehab Northern California center located in the Santa Cruz Redwoods. This facility focuses on using the 12-step method of recovery. It has patients go through a daily routine and also ensures regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. It does have a medicine-assisted detox portion of the program. A typical stay at this drug rehab Northern California treatment location is between 28-30 days.

The Sequoia Center is located in Redwood City, California. This drug rehab Northern California facility also focuses on the 12-step method as well as principles from cognitive behavioral therapy. It has an in-house chef that cooks healthy meals. The treatment team of this center meets weekly to determine the individual’s appropriate length and level of treatment. The Sequoia Center provides free, once-a-week continuing care groups for a full year to those who complete their program successfully.

New Dawn has several locations for drug rehab Northern California. New Dawn focuses on individualized programs and a holistic drug rehab approach to serve the drug-addicted individual physically, mentally, and spiritually. In addition, it uses cognitive behavioral therapy methods. A unique feature of its program is its free lifetime aftercare program in which alumni can meet weekly. New Dawn provides both outpatient and residential drug rehab.

Bayside Marin is a drug rehab Northern California center overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Its residential treatment program has three six-bed houses so there are never more than eighteen people in the program at one time. This leads to excellent personal attention and care. It has a unique model of care that is divided into six phases which clients must complete in order to achieve drug abuse recovery and graduate from the program. Group acupuncture and massages are included in the program.

Drug Rehab Treatment Facilities In Northern California: Your Choice

The decision to attend drug rehab is both difficult and requires a lot of commitment from a drug-addicted individual. The information presented here should help you make a more well-informed decision about which drug rehab Northern California treatment center to attend. However, you should always do your own research in addition to what has been presented here. Drug rehab Northern California facilities differ in amenities, pricing, and treatment approach. You may also want to look into other drug rehab centers in California as well.

In addition, only the most widely known centers are profiled in this short guide. You may find a drug rehab Northern California center that is more appropriate to your needs. Not all treatment programs are the same, and only you can make the final decision about which will be the most capable of aiding you in your recovery from drug addiction.

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