Drug Rehabilitation Infographic

We encourage you to download and share our drug rehabilitation infographic to help us educate others about the current substance abuse problems in the United States.  Although the current statistics are overwhelming and shocking, we can and will beat the war on drugs.

The way we do this is through the proper education, education, and more education.  And for those who are educated on the dangers of illegal drugs who do make conscious decision to use and abuse, then we need to quickly move to rehabilitation and counseling.

How To Download Our Drug Rehab Infographic

Drug Rehab Statistics InfographicTo download our drug rehabilitation infographic image, simply right click HERE and select “save target as”.  Next, select a folder on your computer or your desktop to save the image.

To view in high quality and save our infographic in high quality via a PDF, CLICK HERE.  (Link opens in a new window, allowing you to save the file.)

You Are Welcome To Share With Others

We ask that you please share this page with others so that they can download this image as well.  We are releasing this image with CC (Creative Commons) rights.  This means that you may share our infographic with others non-commercially, meaning you cannot change it, modify it, or sell it.

However, you can print it out, use it for school projects, post in your office, use it for education purposes in class, during counseling sessions, etc. as long as the copyright information and RehabAlert.com image are on the bottom.

Creative Commons License
Drug Rehabilitation Infographic by RehabAlert.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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