Let Us All Unite! (Must Watch Video)

Often times we debate on what is right or what is wrong to share on Rehab Alert.  Often times we debate with ourselves if some of the subject matter that we want to post is worthy of posting and/or would provide beneficial information.  Often times we choose what we think is right, often ignoring what we felt would have been right.  What this means is that we often avoid some of the content relating to motivation, self improvement, bettering oneself, bettering your life, and bettering the lives of others around us. (Please watch the video below)

But isn’t this the essence of what rehab really is?  Isn’t the essence of rehab improving oneself?  To provide you another chance?  To provide you another path that seemed so far away once, but is becoming clearer every moment?  Isn’t the essence of rehab the chance to become the new you?  The you that you have always wanted to become?  The you that you know is inside of you, but have somehow lost through the twists, turns, and aching pains that life has thrown at you?  You are strong; together we are stronger.

Let us all unite!

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